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RDPSL KHANPUR is a developing English medium C.B.S.E affiliated school for quality education with special emphasis on character building and personality. It was established in 2016 under the AEGIS Educational Foundation We, at RDPS Public School are devoted to provide good quality education to students and inculcate morality in them towards other living beings. RDPS is dedicated to serve the mankind by fulfilling the following aims and objectives: Read MOre...

RAM DULAR PUBLIC SCHOOL has grown impressively and achieved exemplary recognition from corporate, academia, and professional circles. Welcome to Children Senior Secondary School, a school that focuses on opportunity & achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel .

it has gained the trust and appreciation of the students and their parents in all these years of it’s journey. It focuses on opportunity and achievement, development of a healthy competitiveness among the students, which leads eternal quest of knowledge. A Student is the heart throb of the nation. Specialized muscles of heart are controlled by the electrochemical signal sent by the brain. In the same way shaping of personality of a child are governed by the effective academic environment of an institution.

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Chairman- H D Verma

Managing Director- Manju Patel

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